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Final event

Final Event 24.6.2013 Vienna

Public events - Information material:

Public Event 13.- 14.9.2012, Budapest
Public Event 7.- 8.9.2012, Vienna
Public Event 13.- 14.9.2012, Bratislava
Public Event 6.-7.9.2012, Moravske Toplice

Public events - online registration available:

Budapest, Vienna, Bratislava, Moravske Toplice

Transenergy article in GEO ENeRGY Newsletter:

GEO ENeRGY Newsletter

Management report June 2012:

Methodology for joint groundwater management

Updated utilization maps and report are available:

Results - Project Outputs - WP3

Legislation overview report available:

Legislation overview report.pdf

Project TRANSENERGY - flagship project:

In Priority area 2 ("To encourage more sustainable energy") of the Danube Region Strategy 8 out of 29 projects ongoing in the region have been selected as „flagship projects” best representing the goals and achievements performed in the area of sustainable utilization of energy, including renewables.
We are proud that Transenergy is among the selected projects.

A short introduction is available at:

The project TRANSENERGY will be presented at:

EREGEO 2012 Bologna, Session „Water Resources“


euregeo2012 project TRANSENERGY presentation.pdf